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Download Google Duo for Mac By now you all might have heard about the newly app becoming talk to the town, the Google Duo app. Since the application announcements were made, it has created curiosity for the users to know more about it. Everybody is eager to use this app. By the name of course it suggests, it is launched by the Google company itself. Well, this app is something more happening than facebook, WhatsApp, Facetime, etc.

Google Duo Features For Mac: Here are the incredible features of Duo Video calling application that allows you make use of this app at great ease.

  • Easy to use interface – You can simply choose a person and begin your video call right in using an easy to use interface that brings video to the forefront.
  • Knock Knock – It provides an amazing feature that allows you see the caller before you respond to the call using the Duo’s live preview feature.
  • HD Quality Video – You will experience quite fast and more reliable video calls no matter you’re at a high speed and faster internet connection or Wi-Fi and on-the-go. You can make a video call in which the video quality is pretty much high.
  • Supports Cross-platform – You can make a video call to all your beloved ones across various platforms like Android and iOS platforms just by using this Duo video calling app.

Duo For Mac

So What Exactly Is Google Duo?

This is a mobile application letting you make video chat calls. The announcements were first made on 18 of May 2016. The video quality is of 720 p clarity. The video calling feature is a normal calling function which can be said similar to Facetime or Skype. So what’s different with Google?

The difference that duo supports is the video chat facility that other apps don’t provide. One more feature which makes it different is its only 5MB in size. And the speed of connecting is mind blowing. So the last amazing feature of this app is.. it works on all type of network operators!. Isn’t that interesting? So Google duo comes with complete package features that one wished for. Obviously, not all of us have access to 3g or 4G networks. And the quality of video call will automatically change when there is a change in the network.

Wait, it’s not done, the application also comes with an exclusive feature called the “knock-knock” option. This knock knock option is a preview of who’s calling you directly on your lock screen. So it can be understood as a live preview of a video call. And so it’s up to you whether you answer a call or not and if you answer you are directly get the video call connected rather than making you wait. And wait did you know about the end to end encryption? Yes? No? Okay, let me only tell you all that end to end encryption is. The app comes with an end to end encryption where a conversation with this encryption is safe and secure. None can hack your account and check over your chats. Sounds cool right

How to use Google Duo For Mac

Using it is not a difficult task, the interface and graphics are simple and easy to understand. So all we need to do is register our numbers. You might be wondering why not Google account will work? This app will work only when one registers its number. So you will directly be calling a number rather than usernames or various accounts.

Download Google Duo For Mac

 How To Download Google Duo For Mac:

To download any app on MAC, the most effective method found to download is through using the iPadian method.
So make sure you have got iPadian installed on your MAC.

  • Now open the iPadian and search for the app store option. The only place to download any application on MAC platforms.
  • Now when the app store is open, type the keywords ’Google duo’ in the search options box.
  • And you will be given with some applications, now check which one is free and compatible with your operating system and download it.
  • The Google duo will get downloaded and installed in the background.
  • Once it’s finished you can have access to it through the menus available.

Well one can also download from any official websites too if they don’t find it in app store depending upon the compatibility of their device. So guys, this seems to be interesting app ain’t it? Am for sure going to download this. What about you when are you downloading? Let us know what you feel about this great app.

Updated: May 26, 2017 — 10:03 am

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