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Google Duo Download For IOS : Google Duo is a smart and cool app released on IOS Google Play Store allowing its users to build in personal digital assistant by one-to-one video calling software programmer. Use of video call option is not unique as other video calling services are already available with HD audio volume. The launch of Duo stands different as this app allows you to view yourself from the front-facing camera with a bunch of cylindrical icons that represents a contact. By tapping on these icons ensured for the person, the video call automatically gets invokes with that person.

This app also comes with a special “KNOCK KNOCK” feature with a live video feed of the caller before answering the call. Video calling quality gets automatically adjusted depending upon the network strength and calls will be in 720p with HD audio feature providing great voice clarity while the video call is in the process. It also works fast on slow networks. The app also works on features based on your phone number in IOS.

The priority with Duo is to make the video calls smooth and high qualified. To ensure that there shouldn’t be any problem between the connectivity like Wi-Fi and cellular network sources, all the calls are end-to-end encrypted. This app is a cross platform for your friends across the world with just one simple app to make a video call.


Google Duo for IOS – iphone – ipad – iPod

Let’s talk about the Authentication methods for iOS:

  •  Easy one tap Authentication wherein users can quickly approve a request by pressing a single button DUO PUSH or report as a fraud by tapping the red button.
  • Works across every device and use your Apple watch to receive login requests on the wrist on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.
  • An additional layer of double up on security is provided to verify the user’s identities.
  • Passcodes are required to login. The application generates codes for any two-factor services.
  • Phone call back method is also available for users without a smartphone to complete two-factor services.
  • Security token method wherein the duo security supports USB devices and other hardware tokens.
  • Duo also supports tamper-resistant Universal 2nd factor (U2F) USB device.
  • The users can easily enroll their own devices with duo’s service.

How to Register & Install Duo app on ios: Step by Step

Follow the easy enrollment process to register your phone and install the Duo mobile app on IOS. The supported browsers are CHROME< FIREFOX<SAFARI< The INTERNET EXPLORER 8 AND ABOVE < OPERA.

Download Google Duo App Latest Version For IOS

  • Step1: welcome screen: This process will help you to set up your account with the added layer of security. Click “START SETUP” to begin enrolling your device.
  • Step2: choose your Authenticator: click “CONTINUE” and select the type of device. We suggest opting for U2F token.
  • Step3: Type your phone number: A drop down list appear and select the country and type your name.any mobile, landline number can be enrolled and then double check that the number entered is correct and then click “continue”.
  • Step4: Choose platform as iPhone and click” continue”.
  • Step5: install Duo mobile: Install the duo mobile on the IOS device and then enroll windows and click I HAVE DUO MOBILE INSTALLED.
  • Step6: activate duo mobile: Then activate the app which links to your account and can be used for its authentication. A scanner appears and then scans the barcode by following the specific instructions for your IOS device.
  • Step7: Click on continue button and configure Automatic device options and click continue again to log in.
    Congratulations! Your ios mobile device is ready to use google duo app
Updated: May 26, 2017 — 9:58 am

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