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Google Duo is a simple, fast one-to-one video calling app for everyone—whether you’re on Android or iOS, a fast or slow connection, in New York or New Delhi. Like Allo, Duo is based on your phone number, allowing you to reach anyone in your phonebook. And its simple interface fades away when you’re in a call, so it’s just the two of you. The search engine behemoth, Google has ultimately launched a new Video Calling application called Duo at it prestigious Google I/O Event 2016 held in New Delhi and a couple of weeks backs. During the on-going event, Google has rolled out a new video calling app by showcasing the amazing benefits of this new video calling application. Along with the new Duo video calling app, Google also unveiled a new messenger app called Allo that lets its users make a chat conversation with their friends and beloved ones.

Google has announced this new video chatting application Duo, which is a simple one-to-one video application that intends to make video chatting much cooler regardless of the platform on which the user is working on. Even, this new Duo video calling application works no matter how fast your internet connection or Wi-Fi speed is. Here is all you need to know about the Google Duo Video calling app for Android, iOS, PC, Mac and much more. Have a look!



Features of Google Duo App

Here are the incredible features of Duo Video calling application that allows you make use of this app at great ease.

  • Easy to use interface – You can simply choose a person and begin your video call right in using an easy to use interface that brings video to the forefront.
  • Knock Knock – It provides an amazing feature that allows you see the caller before you respond to the call using the Duo’s live preview feature.
  • HD Quality Video – You will experience quite fast and more reliable video calls no matter you’re at a high speed and faster internet connection or Wi-Fi and on-the-go. You can make a video call in which the video quality is pretty much high.
  • Supports Cross-platform – You can make a video call to all your beloved ones across various platforms like Android and iOS platforms just by using this Duo video calling app.

Google Duo Video Calling App

Duo is an amazing one-to-one video calling app for various users across different platforms which have been launched by Google at its Google I/O event 2016. The search engine giant has come up with this new Video calling app to be quite simple, consistent and enjoyable so you certainly not miss a relishing moment of your life. Through this new video calling application, you will have fun while sharing your pleasant instant with your beloved ones. You can get through the sign-up the process for this application using your mobile number.
Google has launched this new Duo App for Android and various platforms so that you can download Duo App for IOS, download Google Duo app for PC and much more. You can then commence a video chat or one-to-one conversation with your friends from your device with much comfort using this Duo app.

How to use Google Duo Messaging App on Android and other Platforms?

One of the amazing features of Duo Video calling application is Knock Knock feature that provides its users a little preview of what to expect when you respond to a video call. It indicates that when someone calls you via the Duo video calling application, you’ll get to see them through their front-facing camera before picking up. This way, you will come to know that who’s calling you and who wishes to speak to you face-to-face. If you are interested in joining them, you can simply head over the video call and begin your conversation or simply ignore it. You can Download Duo app for Mac, or you can even download Duo app apk for your device and once after installing it, you will be greeted with a selfie-cam video preview of yourself. Upon installing the app, all you need to do is check whether your hair is proper, the face looks good and then just tap one of the gigantic circled icons right below the screen to begin a Video call.

You can scroll up on the panel to check out for more contacts. After making a video call, the person on the other end of the line answers. This means that you’re having a video chat conversation. You can also dump your microphone by keeping it in mute mode. You can even flip the camera either front or rear side of your device.


Download Google Duo App For Android | IOS | BlackBerry

You can download this Google Duo Download for Android and start your conversation with your friends and much-loved ones so that you could experience a live chat conversation.  You can download this Google Duo Download for iOS device users and commence your conversation with your preferred and adored ones so that you could experience a one-to-one chat conversation.  You can download Google Duo Download for Blackberry device users and head over your chat conversation using this amazing video calling application and share your delightful moments.

Download Google Duo For Android  Download Google Duo For iOS  Download Google Duo For BlackBerry 

Google Duo For PC

You can now use Google Duo app on your Windows PC or Laptop with much ease. All you need to have is an installed Android emulator on your Windows PC. Blue stack is one of the popular and recommended emulators that let you install Android apps on your Windows PC or laptop. You can download Google Duo Download for PC device users and make your chat conversation using this amazing video calling application and share your pleasant moments.

Download Google Allo For PC

How To Install Google Duo For PC

• Download and Install Bluestacks Android emulator.
• Open the emulator and search for Google Duo app in the search field.
• From the search results, just choose the official application named Google Duo Video calling app.
• Click on that and install the app on your PC.

Duo Video was calling application quite a faster app, and it is a cross-platform app that supports different mobile platforms. You can download and install this video calling application on your Android device or other platforms by using the Google Duo app APK file. The entire size of the app on Android will be about five megabytes (5MB). You can also download Google Duo download for Mac, which is now available to play on the bigger screen of your Mac device and make your conversations much closer and cheerful.

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